Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Playin' The Blues

"Gotta Love Those Pants!
She had a weird sense of fashion to dress me up man. Embarrassing.
I was playing my harmonica." (via)

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More like rockin' that harmonica, Blues Man.
A little somethin' like this...

I got pockets on my pants, now.
And I think they're Acid Wash.
My hair is all slicked down
I think Mom thought she dressed me POSH.

I don't got no chest hair,
For my low-cut shirt.
But I've got snaps on my pants for you girl,
And I might just be a flirt.

Got my big 'old 18-wheeler,
On the shelf behind my head.
When I am done here playin',
I'm gonna roll on off to bed.

Gonna wake tomorrow,
And Mom's outfit I do dread.

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