Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday USA, circa 1976

"The year was 1976. Our nation's bicentennial. The parents at Center School in Mattapoisett Massachusetts thought it'd be neat to dress their children up as if it were 1776. That's me, front left, in blue. My mum made that dress for me; it was a little too long and I remember tripping over the hem and falling off the bus at our field trip to the little antique schoolhouse, where we spent the day in cramped little wooden desks, writing on slates." (via)

Our fans are the greatest,
It's really quite clearly,
and this photo I really,
love oh so dearly.

Bicentennial fun,
at least for the teachers,
dressing kids up as colonial creatures.

I also went Bicentennial too
(showing my age,No-I'm not scared to do.)
My school photos, however, were not as much fun,
I only wish they'd been this overdone.

With schooling to match-
chalk boards and a schoolhouse,
All of you dressed up,
as cute as a mouse.

Thank you for sharing, our fun little friend.
For post of the year, you will surely contend.

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