Monday, August 9, 2010

Bonnet, bonnet-who's wearing the bonnet?

"My mother took her Holly Hobbie obsession just a wee bit too far. That or she thought I should have been living out on the prairie with Laura Ingalls. Either way the hat is toooo much. Bonnet, definitely a bonnet. And what makes this ensemble especially fabulous is that I think my grandmother made it. *sigh*" (via)

Why couldn't this woman's mother have been my mother? The friggin' ingrate. I would have killed for that bonnet, but, ahem, without the duck.

Let me just explain my bonnet obsession:
It all goes back to Star Trek. Yeah, you know the movie. The one where they put some creepy thing in the ears of two crew members. Was it Scotty? I can't remember. Either way, it scared the hell out of me. After seeing that movie, I hid my fear. Each night, I crept out of bed, slowly, quietly, to my dresser. Steathily, I removed the bonnet from my drawer. Why did I have a bonnet? No idea. But you know what it was good for? Ear Protection! Ear wigs, which I knew nothing about, and those creepy Star Trek things.
Bonnets--necessary for protection and security. Parents--there are certain movies your child SHOULD NOT SEE.

(Another one? Invasion of the Body Snatchers, the Donald Sutherland one. Bad idea to let your 7-year-old see that. I'm just sayin'.)

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