Friday, August 13, 2010

Dressed up all Dressy, in a Dress

"4th grade school picture. Hmmm. Nice Hair. Nice dress. Mother, what were you thinking?" (via)

Straight hair sure can be a curse.
parts don't lie flat and can look worse,
when paired with polyester dress,
Oh My Goodness-what a mess.

I wore a dress like this one day,
For a Bar Mitzvah,
Oh, Oy Vey!

Ruffled neck, clown suit I think,
and in a lovely shade of pink.
Satin ribbon at the edge,
The shoes? I wish they had a wedge.

Arms crossed in front,
Such a good girl,
and in the 80s-I bet a curl.

Perms back then were all the rage,
if you and I are the same age.
My friends all made that mistake too,
but none for me-except a tattoo.

That was later,
enough said,
But there were better times ahead.

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