Friday, July 2, 2010

My dad should have been in DEVO

"Hair apparent.
It's rare to find that family portrait where everyone is sporting their worst-hair-look-ever simultaneously.
I have my hair pulled back into one of my mom's patented 'ponytails so tight it will make your ears ring,' which luckily doesn't make me look dorky at all, no sirree. My dad has some kind of weird military/plastic Devo wig hybrid going on, and Mom's hair is so damn huge that she's topppling sideways from the weight of it." (via)

And the boys in the front just look dang shell-shocked.
In the family honor, a poem:

Girl with buck-teeth and
plaid dress and devo stylins
Dad is a hipster.

Mom's hair is heavy
clearly not as cool as the
dude man she married.

Isn't it great when
the Dad is the coolest one
in the family?

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