Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's a Family Affair or, some outfits just do the work for me

"Color Coordinated!" (via)

Socks with sandals are ALWAYS a good thing.
You know what else I love? That big ass phone her little brother is holding.

"What's with the outfit?" (via)

Um, I believe she is talking about her own outfit, which is not great, but her brother is AMAZING. The vest. The fringe! FRINGE! Was this some kind of Glam-Rock outfit, designed to be worn with platform boots and full make-up? For what occasion would you wear an outfit like this?? So many questions!!

"Another stupid dress." (via)

The dress, which looks ridiculously warm and polyester for what is clearly a warm setting, is awful in and of itself--and way too long for her.

But what I really want to see? The print on brother's shirt. Baby boy? You rock.

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