Monday, July 12, 2010

I love the 80s

"I don't like this one too much...Also I don't like the ridiculous shirt my mother made me wear." (via)

Things I remember from the 80s:

Frankie Goes to Hollywood.
Parachute Pants.
Acid Wash.
Paint Splatter t-shirts made in my backyard.
Jams, and pretending I was interested in surfing.
Rolled Sleeves. Rolled Jeans.
Guess jeans, with zippers on the ankles for girls.
My cousin asking if visiting me would "really be like that movie Escape from New York."
Scrunchy socks.
Reebok hightops I never had.
Ocean Pacific.
Buying my first Prince album.
D**** C**** (Yeah, you know who you are. Sigh.)

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