Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to a Welcome to the Dollhouse moment

"Yeah. Ummm...does my aversion to pink now make sense to everyone?
Okay,'s not bad enough that I am the dorky kidd who won the school final in the French-Speaking contest and earned a trip to the provincial championships in lovely Edson, Alberta? Do you have to send me up on stage looking like A) a librarian chaperoning a junior prom, or B) an Easter pageant entry from hell?And what, my legs weren't white enough already? How hard did you have to look to find me a pair of nylons whiter than the natural albino tone I was already brandishing? Man, it's no wonder that my grade-six heart throb H*** K***, featured here to my left in some classy sneakers that must have made his mom proud, never batted an eyelash in my direction." (via)

Here's what I think of when I look at the photo on the right:

Dawn Weiner anyone?

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