Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Family Affair?

These parents either:
1. Had a great sense of Humor
2. Had an ax to grind
3. Hated the very idea of children
4. Aspired to a future of family laughter, at their children's expense.
5. Used some kind of discount coupons only redeemable at a store where everything had to be purchased in multiples.

"I LOVE this set of photos...I hated the matching outfits...but I managed to fake a smile. PJ was just completely unable to deal." (via)

PJ--I feel your pain, baby boy. Were you going sailing, in nursing scrub colors?

"The coats sort of conceal this fact, but the pants are a giveaway. MORE MATCHING OUTFITS." (via)

I am not sure that a sweatsuit actually constitutes an "outfit." And again--the scrubs green. Perhaps these parents actually just aspired to careers in medicine for their kids?

"Christmas 1990. Yes, more matching outfits." (via)

The Holiday sweater--always a good finale. (Is there such a thing as a Hanukah sweater?)

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