Monday, September 13, 2010

They hated these outfits, but I adore them!

"Me & T*^%#*: hating these dresses..." (via)

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted. Too many blogs, too little time...
But, while I know the dresses above are somewhat mediocre in the annals of My Parents Made Me Wear This history-the outfits below are just too fantastic.

"more goofy outfits." (via)

Goofy? What the heck is she talking about? French, sailory stripes-with bow ties? There are times here when I just have to disagree with the wearer-now is one of them. Sometimes, ungrateful damn kids just don't know how good they have it!!!!

Okay people-I am Back. Prepare for more greatness.


  1. Hi! I´m brazilian. I just loved your blog! But I sure desagree with your opinion about the outfits. I lived in the States (lansing,mich) in 1971. God.. the yearbook.. although the year should talk about love and freedom, most of my classmates dressed really funny, hair done, square.
    When I look back to my pictures, in general, I am the one to be blamed, not my parents. On the other hand, they killed me with fashion hits when I was a child and teen.. I literally cried! The clothes weren t ugly, or tacky, on the contrary! But were uncomfortable!
    Loved your blog and poems!