Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's all Mom's fault--and we love her for it.

A quick post today--because I'm spending the weekend with my mother, of course! Get off the computer now and send your mother a card!

For now, let's think about what mother's are.
Mothers are always thinking about our future. Character development anyone?

"Me, circa 1973. Young, carefree, content to look like the lead in an After School Special. (My mom forced me to dress that way; it built character.)" (via)

Mothers look out for our personal safety, here and abroad.

"The only thing more embarrassing than the pink striped dress was the fact that my sister and I were dressed alike. We were traveling along and my mom wanted to make sure we wouldn't get lost. Not a chance dressed like that!!!" (via)

And of course, our mothers value our education.

"girl scouts? was never in girl scouts. Oh, that's right! It's the first day of school and my mom dressed me to match the couch. 'Preciate that Mom:) I'm just wondering at what point you decided to tie a ribbon around my neck. As if the socks weren't enough you were like "hey, I know what would make this outfit even more awesome...a bow...tied around her neck!" (via)

Mom, thanks for all you do, and to everyone, enjoy your mother's day!

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